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Gettin' some used sticks, some ?s (n00b)

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A'ight so I'm a n00b to this web forum, but definetly not a n00b to skiing. I was a mid seeded racer in Highschool, but that was 10+yrs ago. Back then we thought that "Cap" skis were bomb, but I missed the whole "Parabolic/shape" Ski phenomenon that has happened.

I moved to FLA after Highschool and am still living down south, but my gear is pretty dated and tired, the last time out I used my Salomom X9 skis that are either 195s or 205s at Mt Snow and they sucked for all Mountain skiing. The were great on a GS course back in the day but I wasn't happy with them. There's probalby half dozen pairs of junk skis in my parent's basement, and sadly even my Favorite skis edges are no longer servicable.

These Favorites are a pair of the OLD Blue/white K2 skis (forget the exact model, these were the ones that K2 USA onthe bottoms of the tail) in a 185, I bought 'em at a Ski sale for $25 back in the mid 90s, but of all the Thousands I've spent on Ski Equipment during my Race days they were still my all time favorite.

Can anyone reccomend a good all Mountain Ski from a few seasons ago that I might be able to pick up a pair of used for not much $? I only ski on Vacation 1 - 2 times a year (I know it's sad; going from 1-2 times a year from nearly everyday as a kid in the Winter).

What's a good size for a 6'1" 240# guy? It's looking like 180cm is good size in these new style skis
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Oh yeah I ski in the East, it's all mostly hardpacked and Ice
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If you ski 1 or 2 times a year, rent.

Your all time favorite sounds like a K2 810fo or GS Electra.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
If you ski 1 or 2 times a year, rent.

Your all time favorite sounds like a K2 810fo or GS Electra.
You don't wanna rent skis where I got to. Might as well just use my old stuff. The stuff is seriously Old School, Rear Entry, never sharpened skis etc. But the mountain is seriously challenging, just not as much terrain as the big mountains.

I was just looking at like a used set of $50-$100 skis, I mean wouldn't a 1x rental be like $50?

Thanx for the ski info. I'll have to see if I can find any info on them old skis. Man I loved them things.
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Rent from a ski shop. It's called a demo. You can try something nice and new and maybe get an idea of something you might want to purchase.Most demos I paid for were 35 dollars. That was just for the skis.Rentals from ski shops of some lower quality skis would run less.

Some larger sporting good shops rent basic ski gear . You can get boots with skis for a reasonable rate.

Grab that phone and call around and see what is offerred.
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Tell us about your boots.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Tell us about your boots.
Some racing boots from like 1994/1995 can't recall the name (dalbellos or Dolomite?; some D name I think), I hate them as well but they work. I paid an @$$load of money for them back in the day (I think I got had by the salesguy at the shop, he kept telling me they were the dopest boots, bla bla bla, but they've always been too tight on my calves), raced in them for 3 seasons skiing 3-4 nights a week (yes nights in the east we ski under lights often). I got pair of Lange boots from the same era but they're too small, now nice boots though.

I even have a pair of Nordica Rear Entry boots from the early 90s

I think there's at least a half dozen pairs of my old downhill skis in my mom's basement.

1 pair of 185 Fischer SPX with ESS adjustable bindings (used for slalom racing, ptex on the bottoms were real soft and got beat to hell on the Ice)
1 pair of Salomon F9s (195 or 205s can't recall)
1 pair of Rossignols (195s) really old, used for sand skiing!
1 pair of Atomic 165s from 1992 (beginner grade skis)
1 pair of 185cm totally awesome 80s K2s
There might be more down there but it's all junk.

Them K2s I think I had during a winter that I didn't have a job and had a Full seasons pass to the mountain and skied 2 to 3 times a week with the team afterschool and usually all day Saturday and Sunday, being 15 and living down the street from your coach who is also the head instructor on the mountain has it's benefits.

To give ya some idea of how old my equipment is, one of my Boot/Gear bag says PRE Skis on it. I use it nowadays for dirtbike gear.
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I'll try a Demo for Competitive edge or Ski Haus when I go back.
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koflach those were the boots I had. I see they don't even make 'em anymore. Looks like the industry has become really consolidated in terms of brands.

PRE Skis, Kastle Skis, Blizzard Skis, what happend to those brands?

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Pre- Phil has them all. Kastle was assimilated by Nordica and they make some nice skis. Heard they will make some Kastle name skis again Blizzard makes some great skis still also
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Originally Posted by dukeryder View Post
koflach those were the boots I had. I see they don't even make 'em anymore. .
Now called Atomic.

I don't know that I would recommend demo of new gear in your '90s Dolomite/Dachstein/Dalbello/whatsits. Your first stop might better be in a bootfitting shop.
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Maybe you could find a good bootfitter to make those Koflachs a little more comfy. I tried it that with my Koflach Comp911s, but I must not have had a good enough fitter because he just made them less capable. Those boots hurt my feet, but I can't say anything bad about their performance when going all-out.
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Yeah I'm gettin' myself some NEW boots, gotta be comfy. The old ones are pretty tired. They've probably got a few hundred LONG days on them. My feet are a size bigger now than they were when I bought them boots Freshman year of H.S. heck maybe even got them in 8th grade.

Thanks for all the replies guys. I've been having dreams about rippin' up the slopes lately and have 2 weeks off from work at Xmas time. I hope there's some Snow in VT by Mid December 'cause that's when I have off. I'll even drive to Maine if I have to. As long as I can ski some Snow this year.
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