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For Sale:

Head RS 96 Boots, size 28.0

$180 + shipping

Purchased Feb '06 and skied on about 20 days.

This boot is the same very low volume as the RD 96, but softer. I found that its upright stance worked very well for me, a six footer, but it simply does not have enough instep room.

I have not punched the shells, but I have ground them out in the forefoot, instep, and ankle areas. I have cut away the tongue plastic over the instep and added padding over the toes and on the sides of the heel.

The left boot has been canted via boot sole grinding 1/2 degree. (Thinner side of sole = outside of boot)

I have also removed the top layer of material from the bootboard and cut 1/4" of plastic away from the front of the cuff on the lower shell.

I would consider this boot with a thermoflex liner, If I didn't have such a high instep.

PM me if interested, I can e-mail pix.