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k-mart accomodations

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Hi, I'm posting a simple inquiry with the hopes someone might be familiar with the accomodation name. I've stayed in Rutland at the rodeway inn at reasonable prices/ midweek. Although I'm trying to locate someplace possibly to the east of the mountain that was described as a bunkhouse type of place, possibly down Route 100.
I opted for an ASC all-east pass and am anticipating bivoucing in the subaru quite a bit, although a night in a place here and there to give the boots a thorough drying is my ultimate desire. I expect my usage of the pass to vary (read attitash, sugarloaf and sunday river as schedule will permit0 so I'm not really in the group looking for a house share or such.
Obviously someone with this information might not want to divulge this information too publicly, so PM if that is better. I'm a novice/beginner with the tele desire/ rec. downhiller by habit, actually prefer Pico to be truthful. thanks for any replies. eric
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Hi there,
I've stayed at Rodway Inn in Rutland and it is ok if you get the new room, there are some very smelly ones on ground floor. A bit better option for me was Econo lodge (~$50-$70) in Rutland.
There is
on Rt. 4 just before Access road if you are into bunkbeds and skier's company.

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muchas gracias /any more budget tips out there?

I really appreciate the help this seems like the place I had in mind.
Last season I got a chance to bed down at Grandpa Grunts on a quick weekend near the end of the season while skiing at Jay Peak. That place is in Montgomeryville, great $5.00 breakfast and rates were similar. About 8 miles to the west of the ski area and the night life is lively another place.
I would recommend a stay at the snowmansion in arroyo seco, new mexico if you were to visit Taos, it's about midway between town and the ski hill, they even give vague directions to a primitive hot spring in the area.
Obviously the rodeway inn might be outclassed by the econo lodge. In rutland. I found the econo lodge south of burlington had o.k. rates and not too bad for distance to Bolton Valley or Smuggler's lodge. Please note the hours to sample some Mad Hat(?) brews at the brewery a short distance from there. Hey I would love to hear any other good digs that you all might care to disclose later, v.varmit
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That bunkhouse you are reffering to is "Turn of the river lodge"
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Cascades Lodge is a little more, but they have a really nice breakfast included, and they are right next to the hill. www.cascadeslodge.com
I have stayed there for many PSIA events, and have been very satisfied.
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I appreciate the replies,
You never have too many options for lodging.

I tend to ski solo for the most part, so, hostel style works for most occassions. I have not attained ski bum status nor found a locale I might enjoy several options if I were to ---Move to snow country---- /still looking though, and that would be better explored in another thread. Frugal works best at this point. I did find some reasonable ski and stays last season In the Idaho Panhandle for Schweitzer and Silver as well as a very cheap motel out near lookout mountain although I didn't have any time left to check that place out. later v. varmit
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