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ski pant fitment!

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so i got a new pair of Columbia pants today...my pair from last year were a lil large and a lil too long and they tended to bunch up around my ankles...i bought a size smaller today only to find the length is perfect but my thighs fill the legs pretty good...so all that brings me too my question, would you perfer the long baggy pants or the snugger pants? i will prob go tomorrow and try the larger pair of these b/c they are a different brand, but i didn't wanna decide on these get to the hill and people think i was in tights...but i didn't know what was better from a performance standpoint....
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Long Vs snug. Standing in the house is way different than getting down the Mtn...
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I usually squat down to the lowest position I would be while skiing. This should be comfortable.

The next step is to get down as low as you possibly can. This should be possible without feeling like you might rip the pants.

It helps to wear your ski boots wile doing this. You can usually have shorter pants than you might think.

I usually go for a bit baggy rather than tight. I don't want the pants to constict my movement. As I usyally wear bibs they get somewhat baggy over the butt. But I'd rather have that than not being able to move.
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