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Sweet Helmets

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They are based out of Norway, really look nice! Does anyone know if they are sold anywhere in the states?
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they are sold in the US.
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.... ok, can you throw me a bone?
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Originally Posted by Poppa Ski Love View Post
.... ok, can you throw me a bone?
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yeah, thats the problem ive been having, I can only seem to find the sweet kayaking helmets in the states, not the skiing. I think I'm going to have to contact Sweet directly
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Send your inquiry here:

The helmets are worth any time spent acquiring them. The best I've worn by far.
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How did you get yours for? Im expecting probably around $150-200, but I have no idea at this point
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Those helmets look great. I was also unable to find the skiing models anywhere in the US, but it looks like the price would be in the realm of $250 :
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there is a shop in Telluride, Boot doctors I believe, that carries them.
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Which model are you looking for? If you can get the top model (Rooster) for $250, it would be a bargain. The price in Norway is $354 for the Rooster model, and $230 for the Trooper halfcut model. The Sweet Rooster is probably the most expensive helmet you can get, but also the coolest IMHO.

I you want me to, I can call the guys and find out where to get one in the US.
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actually i got in touch with alpine kayak in colorado, they said they would be getting the new batch in soon. I'll just wait, there won't be any skiing in the northeast for at least a few more weeks anyway
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i'm in the market for a helmet, so any additional info you guys can shell out would be coolio.

like do the skiing helmets have vents?

i've tried a few helmets on so far and kind of like the Giro MX10, but was interested in finding something with ear protection, as well.
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I bought one yesterday

A Trooper S1 Fullcut to be precise ( ). I hadn't decided which one to get before going to the store, but the fit made the difference for me. I've got a big head, and even the largest size Rooster was too small for me, too short front too back. The Trooper has a slightly different fit, the size was the same (59-61, L/XL), but it was longer enough and a perfect fit length wise. It also seemed a bit deeper, ie it goes further down my head. It's slightly wide but, supplied with every helmet are 4 mm fit-pads, that you place inside the removeable liner in the helmet to make sure fit is perfect.

Vents: There are two inlets on the front that, it's better visible on the non-visor model ( ), that can be opened or close. Haven't tried it yet so can't tell you how much difference it makes.

Also included was a very nice helmet bag to protect it when it's not protecting you

Haven't got much to compare it to in regards to fit, there hasn't been alot of options here yet. High-end helmets have been sadly lacking in the shops assortment. I've been eyeing another scandinavian product, called POC ( ), but their shipment was delayed here and I got impatient... My old helmet was a Cebe Freestyle, like this one: Also in the largest size available when I bought it, 61 cm I think. Besides being well-used it also suffered from being too short and wide, seemingly more so every season.

I'd take some pics for details but I left it at my parents along with the rest of my ski gear, so won't be able to for a couple of days.
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now i just need to find a store in Cali that carries them so i can try 'em out!

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Hi, why not try to buy from a norwegian internet store if you really desperate for a sweet helmet. You can subtract norwegian tax(25%)... So a sweet rooster will cost about $290 + shipping and a sweet trooper halfcut abot $190 + shipping.

Here is some more info:
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The Sweet folks have pretty cool customer service, at least in terms of replying speedily to email inquiries.

I learned that the Kayak helmets are the same as the Ski/Snowboard helmets except that they're missing the goggle strap on the back.

I have a kayaking store in the area that carries Sweets, so I'mm check 'em out and if it fits, may just buy the kayak one and gerry-rig a goggle strap on the back.

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The "Strutter" is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!
post #19 of 20 has some Sweet's (i.e. Trooper half-cut) in stock at the moment.

If anybody knows where you can find the full-face version please drop a line.
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Just email them. Grizz posted the email address above. They're very helpful. I had an email conversation with them earlier this year about the differences between their kayaking helmets and skiing helmets -- as someone else said they're basically the same except for the goggle strap, which is removable on the skiing helmets.

I think I'm about to order one myself. The only thing I wish is that they offered a full-face helmet with a removable face guard. I'm looking for a full-face helmet for kayaking but I wouldn't want a full-face helmet for all my kayaking and I think it would be overkill for my snowboarding.

So I think I'll order the Trooper S1 Fullcut in white...
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