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Reccommend a hardsided ski case

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Any out there better than others? I'm looking for best bang for the buck, also, where to buy. Saw them on Snowshack at $80, couldn't find them on REI. Not much coming up in a google seach or ebay either. Thanks.

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I use SportTube. I haven't had any problems with them, but there are some things I would do differently (eg, make 'em a bit bigger and with slightly larger holes in the closure system). I haven't had any experience with other hard cases, so unfortunately, I can't provide the comparison that you are looking for.

Tom / PM

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I have one that i'll never use again because they're a pain in the a## with all the Airline regulations these days. You can't lock it and always seems to come apart in transit, coupled with the fact that they don't fit into a SUV full uf luggage means mine will never travel again.

You want it, you can have it for cheap?
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I should clarify my usage. I got my SportTube the summer b4 9/11. For the reason Lars mentioned, if I am going to be skiing for 5+ days, and I get the chance, I now ship my skis out ahead of me instead of taking them with me on the airline. The tubes work great for that purpose, as well as for summer storage. If I'm going to be skiing out west for only a couple of days (ie, tagged on to a biz trip), I bring my boots and rent/demo the skis.

Tom / PM
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i found that a skibag works better than the hard ski cases (ski tubes)...you can't lock them anymore unfortunately.

No problems with flying with a ski bag either. i usually buy extra insurance (which southwest has been very good about) for the msrp of the skis just in case they're destroyed. I had a pair of T50 5 stars destroyed and claimed $1200 for them on insurance (had a pair of volkl g3 motions and 2 pairs of race boots making the insurance total like $5000 or something). Got $1200 for the skis(about 6 weeks later), had the g3's to ski around on and life was good [img]smile.gif[/img] Insurance cost about $25 extra i believe.

just wrap the skis in a bunch of towels and clothes and there's usually no problem.

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If it's a double tube I may be interested.

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Ya it's a double. Make me a reasonable offer, and i'll send it out to ya. You can P.M. me if ya want and i'll get back to ya. Bought it last year and it's only got one trip on it.
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I'll PM you if I decide to make an offer, but after all the great responses (not) about how easy traveling is with these I'm having second thoughts.

My hard sided golf cases are a PITA, but they at least have 3 latches so even when unlocked stay together during travel.
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As much as i'd like to get rid of the ski tube, i've got to tell you, they suck. Believe me when I tell you, I will never use them on a trip again. The skis rub together in transit also, and there isn't room to wrap towels around the ski tips and bindings to keep them from scratching up your skis.

So, I won't feel bad if you don't make me an offer. Use the double ski bag instead, with old beach towels wrapped aroung the tips and bindings to protect them. All the years i've traveled with skis the bag thing works the best. Trust me on this one.
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Lars "ebay" you will get more for your tube than you would think [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] bteddy
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