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Today Loveland received another dusting of snow. Chairs 1, 2 and 6 were open, with numerous runs. Although it was Saturday, crowds were a non-issue. I skied onto the chair almost every time.

The snowpack on runs from Chairs 1 & 2, was like Keystone yesterday - indistinguishable from mid-season packed powder. Chair six was a bit dicey (a few shrubs and rocks).

Chair one was best. You could fly down Spillway, and then cruise down Richard's run. I ran that combination about 6 times. The snow was perfect.

I also tried the bumps on Waterfall and Nix Nox. The bumps were ideal; no ice and well-formed. However, I did hit a rock or two in the deeper troughs (causing emotional anguish - my new skies : ).

All in all, a boomer day!