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Returning to the fray...need advice...

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Hello all,

I'm looking to get back into skiing after many many years of being away from the sport - last went skiing at 16, I'm 33 now.

Being that I anticipate skiing a few times a year (I throw myself into hobbies and leisure activities), I am looking to buy my ski equipment as opposed to renting - it just makes financial sense to do so.

That being said, my stats are 5'8"...about 220 (husky type, not roly poly) and a size 9 (27/27.5) shoe. Now, I have done a LOT of looking around, and the only thing I can kinda pinpoint is the boot size I would need...what I DONT know is how long/what type of skis I should purchase.

I intend to ski mainly greens at first and venture into blues, but have no aspirations at the moment of blacks, double blacks, moguls, slalom, jumping, or doing my best Sonny Bono impression...

This would be an east coast ski hobby - so Killington, Sugarbush, Okemo, and NY mountains like Hunter and Bellayre are the mountains I would most likely find myself on.

If ANYONE has any suggestions as far as ski choices I am thrilled to hear them...

Also, are used skis a worthy investment? Or is it more of a headache than it needs to be? I dont think I want to buy used boots in either case...

Thanking you all in advance...

- Mike
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no one with any opinion, huh? Ok, guess I'll look elsewhere...

I came here cause you guys seemed to know your stuff but GOOD!! However, after looking around more, I think that I am out of my element here.... good luck to all...
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Be patient. People are waiting for someone more qualified than them to give you advise. In the meantime I suggest an Fisher RX6 or Head Monster im72 in about 175cm. I haven't skied them, so I stand to be corrected.

Get good boots fitted to your feet, probably a 26.0 if your a size 9 shoe. I would spend more on boots, spend 20 bucks to view the members reviews at Realskiers.com, and keep my eyes open for 3-4 year old skis on clearout.
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As for boots.. try a lot of pairs and seek a good fitter. I tried on countless pairs with a fitter before settling on my boot purchase (Nordica Speed Machine 10s) last spring. Having boots that fit well can make a world of a difference for both better and worse.
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buy the boots that a good boot fitter tells you to, and rent skis. If your boots are painfull or not working the ski day is done, crappy skis just are just annoying.

skis go down in value 50%/year, plus tuning, shipping etc. WAY better to rent a ski, where you are skiing, that is just tuned, and best suited for the conditions that you are skiing in that day/trip, adn you current (improving) ability
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