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Thanks. The only reason I was thinking 1/2 is I read somewhere that less acute angles will stay sharper longer -- i.e., 1/1 holds up longer than 1/2, 1/2 holds up longer than 1/3. So 1/2 seemed like a reasonable midpoint that would give a better grip than 1/2 and last longer than 1/3.
We are planning to put up a tuning presentation that's been done at the ESA a couple of times by Ric Reiter (Vail Snow Pro) that shows why 1/3 is really a pretty solid choice for pretty much everyone. The edges are hard enough that the difference between 1/2 and 1/3 in terms of durability is really nothing.

A 1/1 is actually a lot less edgehold than a 0/0 due to how the edges cut into the snow. The 1/3 allows the edge to dig deeper before the sidewall starts to push the ski out of the "shelf" that the edge has cut. The base bevel is about how quickly you want the edge to reall engage and "hook up". Less means faster... and as a result, less opportunity for sliding the skis or for pivoting them.

Hope this helps...
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SSH - yes, that is quite helpful - simplifies things, which is what I'm after. And even if there's any difference in durability, I'm lucky to get 15 - 20 days in a season so not a big deal I guess.
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