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Utah this week - need advice!

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the board, been lurking for a little while and I really enjoy the friendly banter without all the bragging here. I'm heading to PC (lodging) on 1/8 with the wife and father in law who've been skiing much longer than I have. If any of the Utah crew is reading this, could you recommend some areas that would be great for both intermediates (myself) and advanced to expert skiers? I've been reviewing the daily snow totals religiously and it seems like everywhere would rock. Wife had surgery on each knee this summer and wants to test them out on the groomers of Venison... uh, Deer Valley. After that, I want to hit Snowbasin and PowMow. Also looking for any suggestions on dining and entertainment. Looking forward to "meeting" some friendly sliders! Thank you!
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I don't think that you can go wrong anywhere in Utah right now. I don't think we'll be getting the huge storms of the past few weeks, but the long range forecast has 3-6" most nights for the foreseeable future. If you're just an intermediate, I would say that Snowbird would have limited skiing (but good) skiing for you. The advanced skiers in your group would love it.

I've heard mixed reviews on Snowbasin this year. You've gotta try Alta for a day, it's a classic. If your in PC I would also try to ski there for a day. The Canyons either love it or hate it, mostly depending on the amount of snow they have. This year you should be OK. Powder Mtn can be a fun little hill but it's pretty far from PC. I'll be working at Alta on Sunday if your schedule works out that way.

As for entertainment, pick up a free copy of "City Weekly" they usually have all the bands that are playing in the Salt Lake (and Park City) area. I'm sorry but I can't remember any of the names of the restaurants I like in PC...
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Thanks Lonnie! I'm truly looking forword to where ever we end up skiing. Definitely going to try out the Canyons and I'm willing to step up to some tougher terrain because I need to face it to keep improving. Kind of glad we're missing the mob scene of Sundance but damn there' some great bands rolling into town then! What are lift lines like on Sunday at PC? Thanks again!
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I just got from Utah - there were a series of powder dumps in feet!

The Canyons are bottlenecked at the base at the gondola - seems like Breckenridge all over again. It's a neat area, the slopes are not that crowded, except when the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons roads are closed. The only downside to the Canyons is lack of snow - I skied there when it was called Wolf Mountain and Park West. The people who have sunk money into it must be counting on real estate sales to break even.

I skied Alta Christmas Day - everything was open, including Catherine's, Devil's Castle, Baldy Shoulder, and especially the Backside (Yellow Trail, Greeley Bowl, Glory Hole). In some spots, I got face shots - mostly in the trees. It was relatively light powder.

Seeing as how the roads to Brighton/Solitude and Alta/Snowbird were closed, we headed up to Powder Mountain (12/26). I have never seen Pow Mt. parking lot that crowded - I have skied there for about six years. The powder was very variable at PMt. - it was snowing hard, and there was lots o' powder. What happened to almost all of the skiers on the mountain that day, we couldn't tell if the powder was heavy or light, the whole day. At one point, I clicked out of both bindings, and ended up with a mouthful of snow, everybody was doing it - I had to stay in the backseat all day. At Powder Mt., you can get a snowcat ride for $7 on Lightning Ridge - the snowcat or snowmobile tows you up the ridge.

Why don't you check out Solitude? You can get discount tickets. But I still like Snowbird and Alta...

On your next trip to Utah, why don't you stay in Salt Lake? The UTA Ski Bus takes you to Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude.

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Deer Valley will give all but a true, hard-core expert all they want on both the extreme right and left of the resort. The middle is cruising heaven. But stay away if you prefer crowds, snowboarders, crappy food and lousy service. Snowbird is the true expert venue, but you better walk it not talk it. Alta is right behind and has a really good "old school" vibe. PM can have untracked long after a storm, but it is third world. Bit of a drive also.

Have fun.
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Since your staying in Park City Might as well ski at Park City Mountain Resort. I think It is the best Balanced Mountain in the area. most of the lifts serv both black diamond runs as well as blue runs so your group can split off at the top and still ride the lift together. By all means go to Alta. For Dinning and entertainment just go to Main St. Some of my top picks are Taste of Saigon for Asian, Grappa, Vary pricy but vary good. Cafe Terigo is vary good and not so pricy. Try the Bread Pudding. A good Place at the Canyons is The Westgate Grill. Great food and good pricing well, good pricing for a Ski Resort. As to other night life there are Bars and clubs that offer Rock Bands and Then other places that have Jazz.
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Any word on some good places to take out a frosty mug or two? My Dad mentioned the Wasatch brew pub might be a good option...

Trying to narrow down the list of places to go sure isn't easy. DV is first on the list for lessons, leg acclimation, etc. After that we're thinking off the beaten path for the weekend and then whatever looks like the best choice for the conditions that day. Appreciate the feedback! How is the weather looking for the remainder of the week?
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Thank you to all who provided input and advice for skiing the area! I had an incredible time out there. Although much of the powder from the week before had been pushed around there were still some patches to be found and enjoyed! It was great to arrive as the weather warmed up and the skies decided to remain consistently blue! I ended up skiing Alta, DV, PowMow, Bird and Snowbasin. I took two lessons, a small group lesson at DV and a private 3hr session at PowMow. The instructor at Powder Mountain (Todd) helped me so much I couldn't believe it! The next day I rocked it at Snowbasin and had my best skiing day ever. Love the varied terrain of Utah! 100% satisfied and will definitely be a return customer.
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