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Evidently it was my mistake for not being in the know. I found the non race stock skis to be light, bendy and not very stable at speed. Fine for non-agressive recreational skiing but lacking the virtues associated w/ race GS skis. I just had not kept up w/ Volkl's changing marketing strategy.
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I think every company really started splitting their recreational racing and race stock skis a while back. Race carvers are the most obvious examples, but recently most companies have been making non-FIS compliant GS skis for the general public with similar or identical graphics as the race stock skis- even if the constuction is completely different. Anything to move more product.
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1) 5'11", 160 lbs., 15 years old
2) Dynastar Speed Course 66 or something like that
3) 182 (21m turn radius)
4) High School Racing, NASTAR, maybe some USSA in the future
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[quote=U.P. Racer;587827]
Really GS and SL race skis are to the point that they are BOTH specifically for racing only. I couldn't imagine spending a day at Jackson Hole on a pair of race skis... just couldn't see it.


Jackson Hole is a great place for GS skis. Talk about a place that has room to strech out and really wring out the speed. I never minded GS in the bumps or powder either (even back in the 210 CM days). The slush at the bottom on a spring day is a bit of a bummer, but you can't have everything, can you?
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