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Snowing at Heavenly

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I'm looking at the Heavenly cam right now and snow is finally coming down. In fact it looks like it is actually sticking a bit.

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I saw that the snowline was near 8000. I can't get excited with that....
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Snowline at 8000 ft is more exciting than a snowline at 26000 ft. Have some hope, man--come on!
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Yep, saw that snow coming down too. The web cam was looking pretty grim thursday with the man-made stuff dwindling away. I hope this coat sticks it out.
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what you all saw was an illusion.
I live on top of Kingsbury grade, tramway drive. Elvation,8,100 feet. all we had was rain. No snow fell where i live, no snow fell at lake level. It rained all day..
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