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My wife needs a quality knee brace.

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Any suggestions for a knee brace for my wife?

A little history. In April 2005 she had an accident getting off a lift. She tore her meniscus. (at least it was the end of the season). Had surgery in October 2005. In March 2006 she skied hard and reinjured the knee. It was her 17th or 18th day of skiing that season. Her knee bothered her enough that she only skied two more times last season and they were short days. She had chronic knee pain and saw a sports doc in July.

An MRI did not indicate any new tears, but it did show some arthritis and other age related wear problems. The sports doc recommended exercise, Glucosomine and pain management. The knee is improving, but she still has chronic pain. However, she can walk, bike and hike (with poles and a neoprene brace) with no problems. These activities do not seem to cause pain, but her knee just mildly hurts off and on each day. She feels she can ski, but I/we would like to have her wear a brace that will enable her to ski with minimal limitations. I don’t feel her drug store knee brace is good enough. I could be wrong though.

A bright note is that I really strained my knee while biking hard 3 years ago. My knee bothered me for a year and a half, but I could still bike long and hard if I ignored the mild discomfort. Our hope is that her knee issue will be a similar deal. However skiing is tougher on the knees than biking. Thus the need for a good brace.

We’d like to do the ESA Tahoe, but are reluctant to sign up until we see how her knee does.
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I have two noncustom donjoys, one elastic fabric, one neoprene (both with hinged aluminum straps). The neoprene one is better. For skiing a big hyperextention stop is nice and doesn't interfer.

Here it is. $250 is a great price
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My wife has a Donjoy. It is a ski specific brace for recovering from ACL surgery. They ain't cheap, about $1K.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
My wife has a Donjoy. It is a ski specific brace for recovering from ACL surgery. They ain't cheap, about $1K.
When we found out my wife had no ACL too soon before ski season, she skied with a Donjoy Defiant (custom model) for a season. The insurance paid for it, it worked well with no problems, and she had surgery the following May. Hope it works, but it since there's no ligament damage, it's more like she needs stretching and building up the Quads, Hamstrings, Abductors and Adductors. Muscle tone to hold the knee stable, and muscle length so that no muscle is pulling too hard.
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Thanks for the info. We will be looking into the Donjoy braces.
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Another one to consider - midway between between stock ($250) and custom ($1000) Donjoy options: Breg X2K -- around $600 at various websites. Here's a link to the mfr site:


A lot of support but does not feel restrictive. Much more comfortable than my custom-fitted Townsend (similar to Donjoy).
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