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Too freaking cool...just had to share.

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Wow! Does he drag a foot in the snow after he flies by his two friends? I've seen some of those wing suits in a (ski?) video. I think it was ex-stream skier Shane McConkey and some other guys doing it off cliffs. I've never seen anyone touch down before deploying his chute. The French are always coming up with new crazy ways to risk their necks.
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i dont get it. wheres the skiing part ? not that skiing is much safer than skydiving but i'll stick with skiing.
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I saw some guy doing this in Warren Millers higher ground last year it was pretty intense
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Pretty sick, though I wish there was more/better footage... The stuff from higher ground was tight, btw...
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Originally Posted by skicougar View Post
i dont get it. wheres the skiing part ?...
Don't you see him leave a track in that slope?

Did anyone drag a foot in the Warren Miller film?
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this reminds me of one of those flying chipmunks! omg! i can't stop laughing...

breathe, breathe...

ok, i'm better now. i have to agree with cougar. i don't see ANY skiing in this clip. when the chipmunk lands i see his feet stepping up and down. and i see footprints next to the tracks. i don't think 'alvin' has skis on.
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i knew i had a pic of the chipmunk!

come on, tell me i'm wrong...

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