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Land Rovers

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As I plan on driving up to Mammoth (from LA) nearly every weekend this season, I need to purchase a 4WD vehicle. I'm looking at used '97-'98 Range Rovers, under 50k miles. Does anyone on this board have a RR or Discovery and can shed light on any reliability problems they may have had – or not had?

I know they are the best off-road vehicles made, but they seem to suffer many annoying "little" problems (mainly electrical) that cost big $$ to fix.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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A friend of mine who works at Microsoft was considering a Range Rover and asked a number of people at Microsoft about their experiences with them and heard horrible things about reliability. One guy had his Range Rover in the shop 34 times during the first two years of ownership (98-00, I believe).

Look at consumer reports reliability - I've found them to map closely to my personal experience and those around me.

I'd consider a Land Cruiser if you want a reliable, large, off-road capable SUV. I've only heard great things from Land Cruiser owners.
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#####Get an Explorer and tape $20,000,00 to the hood. Instant Range Rover.#####
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Originally posted by Mr PoundKey:
#####Get an Explorer and tape $20,000,00 to the hood. Instant Range Rover.#####
Thats X-ploder & you can get parts at Midnight Auto Discounts. Try finding parts for that Morphadite R/R. I've drove and hauled R/R's there junk and ugly.
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#####wrong thread#####

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I've read this is one of the least reliable cars made. I'd get the big Lexus if u want a luxury ute but an Audi wagon might serve you as well or better. Or just pop some snow tires on your 911. It's a great snow car. just watch those downhill off camber corners.
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BTW I'd drive a Disco before buying. It's AWEFUL IMO! Terrible driving position if you're over 5'8", no power, lots of noise and scary handling. Hear they love to roll too. RR drives nice for what it is although the nu one is the one to get. SUPERB!
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Yes, I've been trying to hunt down a '95-'97 Landcruiser (I think those are the nicest looking) or LX450, but they're really hard to find, especially with less than 50k miles.

Driving the 911 in the snow isn't an option (but believe me, I've thought about it).

The Explorer comment was cute, but there is a SLIGHT difference in comfort level between the two.

I'd actually love to get an audi A6 4.2 Quattro, but too bookoo I'm afraid!
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okay, beaux coup!!!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I thought the Brits had those electrics worked out now that Ford bought them.
Lucas(electrical on British cars)
"The prince of darkness"
"The Brits drink warm beer because Lucas makes their refrigerators"
"Lucas, the inventor of the intermitant windshield wiper"

That engine is the old aluminum(aluminium)V8 that Buick dumped in 1963.
Toyota sounds good, though I've had good luck with Dodge(Daimler)
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I'm looking at used '97-'98 Range Rovers, under 50k miles
I concur with the above replies and would rather buy an early 90's Toyota 4Runner with >100K miles.

When you make that drive stop at Lee's Frontier Gas (just south of Lone Pine)and tell Lee that the ol' Rat said Hi. I miss that place!

Good luck with your new vehicle!
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I would go with some car company besides FORD, they have had nothing but problems on all their SUV's, and Ford owns Land Rover. The HUMMER H2 is under $50K, starting out at $48,000. But the body style is not that great looking. You could get a Tahoe or Suburban Z11.

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As to the H2, the TV add now shows a suggested retail of $+52K an aprox. $3K increase. I have seen a lot of them here in S.E. Michigan. Hummer is owned by GM so a lot of the execs are getting them. The H2 has a lot of panache due to its head turning styling and heavy reminder ques of the much larger and squaty H1.Being smaller than its big brother, the original Hummer, it is an attractive vehicle for women to drive as well.

I think it is a huge hit, considering that it is at least $25,000 less expensive than the H1, but not cheap @ +52K!
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Check out the Hyundai Santa Fe. Looks like a great deal. Nice looking, too.
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If you're not planning on off roading and towing boats and such and don't need to play bus driver you should seriously consider the A6. Either the 2.7T or the Allroad. The Quattro system is widely regarded as the best AWD system on production cars for the road. Also, being smaller and lighter means that it's easier to maintain control (a big SUV with a high center of gravity is going to be more likely to have trouble turning or stopping in slick conditions). Throw some dedicated snows on whatever you get. Base retail on the Allroad and 2.7T is a little over $40K. Also, if you have clearance concerns the Allroad is height adjustable. For most people SUV's are impractical and actually ill suited to their needs.
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Audi is one of the best cars made. BMW's X-5 is nice but NOT an off-roader. You'd tear all the electronics underneath off.
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I know a mechanic/trainer who has been working
on high end cars his whole career. Now Land/Range Rovers. After the warranty is over, you can be hit with some healthy bills. He would not get one.
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I drove a '99 Land Cruiser for six weeks around Australia, didn't have to deal with a lot of snow but that thing was TOUGH. Since it was a company car, and the company was GE/NBC, I figured that they could afford to repair any damage I did to it. Try as I might, I couldn't do any. They're spendy for sure, but if you could find one of those I'm sure it'd do you right.
Also see: '94 Legacy wagon (as seen in Ski Movie 2)- a sweet ride fer sure.
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My Dad has had a series of Landcruisers & driven them round Australia on multiple trips.
You just can't beat them for reliability & toughness. The National Parks people here tend to drive them.
Most of my friends who live in country areas drive landcruisers of subies in the snow areas.
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How about the Suburu Outback? Those seem to be very popular around here. The Land Rover seems a little excessive unless you're planning a lot of off road driving, IMO.
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Look @ the 4 motion V6 VW Passat. All wheel drive and based on the A4 but not much smaller than the A6 (except that its a good $10K lighter on the price tag.)

BTW - Ford is the absolute worst. Six head gasket jobs on a '95 Windstar. (I had to fight like a madman but they paid for all of them and a transmission rebuild).
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Isn't that trip mostly highway? Maybe snowy highway? If you're looking for a used vehicle, you probably would find an appropriate Audi for less than a similarly-used 4 X 4. The Audi tends to depreciate rapidly because of things like niggling little electronics problems and poor factory support post-warranty. But a well-maintained (get those repair records) Audi that hasn't had a lot of problems can be a relatively inexpensive, comfortable and extremely safe slippery road cruiser.
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Toyota probably has the best reliability/repair record. Audi/VW have been bad in the past and now are expensive when repairs are needed.(One of my customers has had a bad time with a new VW V6.)
However, if a Subaru will fit, I'd go that route. My wife is on her 7th 4WD/AWD wagon All went 100K+ miles and two were over 200K+. Only one had any major(expensive)problems.
I've been in the auto repair business for 40+ years.
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Hey Trey- I like your suggestion! I got a pair of 15" wheels and Toyo snow tires for my 944 last year, and it's great in the snow now. The problem, however, is the severe lack of ground clearance. I can't get up any of the dirt roads to the 14'er trail heads without fear of bottoming out.
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Thanks for all your opinions everyone...they helped knock me "of the fence" in terms of getting a RR. I just don't want to chance being stranded on 395 at midnight.

I decided to put all my effort into searching for a '95-'97 Lancruiser (don't like the newer ones – they look soft). I've always thought those were georgeous, and I know they're reliable...but they hold their resale value a little too well! If I can't find one of those, I think an year or two old A6 2.7t Quattro would also do well.

I noticed someone misread my post and thought I wanted a vehicle around $50k, but I actually wanted a vehicle with less than 50k miles. I appreciate your opinion regardless.

Thanks again, everyone!

BTW, I wouldn't drive a Hummer if I had 200k to spend on a car!
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Really hard to find ANY car in LA more than 2 years old with less than 50000 miles on it. Happy hunting. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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What we want and what we need have been confused, been confused

Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe, "Finest Worksong"
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On the Land Rover/Range Rover front, the real Land Rovers (not the Freelander) are designed as a farm workhorse, i.e. >50% off normaly roads.
If you plan to drive a lot on dirt tracks or in muddy fields, then forget about your Toyota/Lexus or any of the others. Sacrifice comfort for a proper off-roader. (I mean,, that's what Lara Croft did!)
The new Range Rover is impressive. I haven't seen the US spec, but the UK spec is amazing, and it has received excellent reviews over here.
One thing I would say about Range Rovers up until very recently...
A friend of mine used to work in their R & D department. He left about 5 years ago. Up until just before he left, Range Rovers had been designed and marketed for their UK customer base, then with very little modification they were shipped to the US. Now, I can't remember the details, or the reasons, but because the car basically wasn't changed to what US drivers are used to, there were a lot of complaints etc. In some cases this led to quick fixes, which weren't properly tested. Now they are finally designing with the US market in mind, so if you can afford one, I'd go with the Range Rover. It will cope with style and grace in any situation.

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For any of you considering a RR, this site may prove invaluable:
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