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Keystone & Copper Now Open

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thats 5 resorts for colorado,


now all we need is a huge snow storm!:
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That rocks. I knew that Copper usually opened up in the first week of Nov. What is the base for those places like?
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hey ! normally i wouldnt gripe on an opening day but it seems keystone has dropped thier webcams so you cant watch some of opening day.

i hope this isnt a recurring theme for vail resorts.
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the keystone cams are still there, click media gallery at the top, you'll find them. Their new website does not make finding things easier. Poor layout.
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thanks, skizoo.

that sure is a lousy place to put them, and theyre not even labeled as to where you looking at. if you hadnt been to keystone, you wouldnt know. one would think those cams would be easy promotional material for potential keystone visitors.
obviously, they need a new web programmer and luckily i know where they can get one. i look at the mirror at him everyday.
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