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great posts Pete No Idaho, nolo, etal! Kinda really cool to see everybodys heart in it!

Just to share, I remember my first exposure to skiing. Nobody in my family or relatives skis, at least no when I started. My high school buddies I rode dirt bikes with took me up one night to Roundtop. I was going to ski but at the time it was $5 for a lift ticket an $5 for rentals. Now, to me working part time at a grocery store that was alotta dough to spend for a few hours. I only had thirty bucks to my name. Well, that and the fact I was a little intimidated I decided to just watch. I went along with them two more times and just watched, then the fourth time I couldn't take it any longer and coughed up the dough. Wow, did I have a blast! My buddies were gone and didn't help me one iota, the bums. I remember putting on my Spademans and slithering across to the "J" bar beginner run. After standing there and listening and watching people ride the lift, I slid into line (don't think those skis had ever been sharpened) and up the lift. Managed to survive my first dismount from a J bar and stood there like a deer on an ice rink long enough to here an instructor tell his student to "keep the weight on the downhill ski" and with that little tid bit of knowledge I pushed off. Oh, and I didn't here the part about the "wedge" or at that time "snowplow", so off I went in the wide track parallel gorilla. Now, by the time I got to the bottom of the beginner run (which we all know looked very steep at the time) I had figured out how to turn by shifting weight from one ski to the other, granted I was hauling butt and scared to death but I managed to avoid hitting anyone and threw them sideways at the bottom and came to a ugly but functional hockey stop! After I stopped shaking, I slithered back in the lift line and did it again.

Well, long story short, in three short days I was broke but found my life changing sport!

Never did take a single lesson though because I couldn't afford to, but instead used every chair lift ride to watch intently what the better skiers were doing. I would pick out someone just a little better than where I was at and try to imitate them on my next run. b
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It gets me on them mountain everyday, keeps me fit, I enjoy teaching folks how to ski and most important, happy hour starts a 3:00PM at my ski area!
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I started teaching skiing because I wanted to be a part of the ski school "family" - I had taken a fair number of lessons, and most of my friends on the mountain were instructors so it seemed to be the next step.
I was almost tricked into interviewing, though - I was hanging out at line-up one day and a friend asked "so have you seen Dave (SSD) yet?". Dave was standing right there and said "what about?" Hal, my friend, said "C wants to become a ski instructor!" Dave said "oh, ok. Interview in my office at 9am tomorrow." I said "err, ok" and that was that!

I'm now entering my 3rd season teaching (4th skiing), and I love being able to explain and show something, and see immediate results. My teaching background is in horseback riding, and some of it does carry over. My biggest emphasis, though, is on having fun - if my students are not having fun then I am doing something very wrong!
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Working in the construction trades gave me time in the winter to ski a lot. After getting to know the instructors at my local area, they suggested that I should teach. I took them up on their offer and loved it. I can say my reasons are all that Bud lists.


Polli, There are a lot of similarities between horse back riding and skiing. Some of my private customers are also riders and it is much easier to relate some things to them in terms of riding. I rode sence I was young and my kids are pony clubbers, ski and riding instructors.
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