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JH dedicates run to doug Coombs

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Wyoming Ski Resort to Honor Coombs Legacy

News - Resorts
Jackson Hole, WY - Following the tragic death of legendary skier and mountaineer Doug Coombs in Europe last spring, many fellow skiers struggled to come to terms with the loss.
Editorial has flowed about his incredible style and his unique ability to teach while sharing his passion for life, on and off snow. Creating life long memories for everybody who came into contact with Doug Coombs is a common theme.
As the snow returns to the steep slopes of the Tetons, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) announced it will respectfully dedicate a ski run to Doug, simply called Coombs.
Wyoming's Jackson Hole ski resort will honor the legacy of big mountain legend Doug Coombs with a newly-named run.
(image: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

Coombs is located on the resort's expert Headwall terrain above the Bridger Gondola, where Doug spent many of his days freeskiing and guiding clients. After a short fifteen minute hike up Pepi’s Ridge, skiers will traverse into Coombs. The run starts as an open slope and narrows mid-way into a gully that ends when it meets Lupine Way. Coombs run is 800 vertical feet in length, has a northeast aspect with an average pitch of 30 degrees and a maximum pitch of 35 degrees.
“In agreement with Doug’s wife Emily we decided there is no better place than the Headwall for a run dedicated to Doug,” commented Connie Kemmerer, JHMR owner and friend of Doug Coombs. “He had such an impact on this resort both professionally and personally, he is sorely missed. We hope that with his name now firmly on the map, he will continue to inspire those who enjoy our terrain.”
“Jackson Hole was a special place for Doug and I am really happy that the Resort has dedicated a run in his memory. I look forward to skiing Coombs with our son, David in future years,” added Emily Coombs.
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I skied Coombs once with my cousin and a woman we met in the tram from Dallas. We hiked up and stopped at the patrol shack to catch our breath. Dallas wanted to ski into Casper but I was adamant that we really did not know the line and would get cliffed out and into trouble.

Dallas then asked a nearby patroller “what is the easy way down”? As you can imagine, they don’t like these sorts of questions up there, so I explained that the easy way down was to traverse all the way out skier right to Coombs. I went more skier’s left than that and really had an exhilarating run straight down toward that cliff and nailed a right at the last moment to make it to the chute in between.
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Didn't Jackson Hole ban Doug Coombs at one point for skiing-out-of-bounds or some such?
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Yes, he was declared persona non grata in 97. http://www.jacksonholenet.com/news/j...rticleNum=1418

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