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Hot food or not when skiing?

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I have found that a hot lunch makes me a little lethargic for awhile. (Maybe it's the portion size too )

Meal replacement bars (like zone bars and such) seem to keep me on my feet all day better than normal food. I snack on one every two or three hours. Plus I can stay out and ski while everyone else packs inside to eat.

This also seems to make the apres ski feast of roasted flesh and wine even more satisfying.

What does anyone else do?
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Raisins (or dried blueberries), beef jerky, almonds (cold doesn't effect them) and clif bars if it's not too cold
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many times I'll just have a chili, often vegetarian if it's available, for lunch.

I like having something hot though if it's a cold day. Otherwise if it's nice or whatever (ie hot) some fruit maybe or a salad. Plus water water water - no caffeine drinks for lunch for me. Morning is a different story.

I agree in the sense of a larger meal for dinner.
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Kick-a** bkfst for me. Many times just water and a chocolate bar is enough until 6,7pm.
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Definitely the size of your lunch affects your lathargic feelings... I've even started cutting down my lunch portions at work here and I dont get the 2 pm sleepies On the mountain, I'll stop in for a late lunch of chilli or soup and then snack throughout the day, either on carrots or energy bars, plus gatorade
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Chili, Beefstew, NE clam chowder in bread bowl. The steak sandwiches at Okemos mid mountain...yummy.
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I almost never eat when I go skiing. But if I do, I always feel heavy and lethargic for about an hour. I tried a combination of a camelbak and protein bars once, and that kept me going quite well. I ate one every couple of hours or so.
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I usually "get" to eat dinosaur nuggets and mac 'n' cheese.....hooray!!
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Bananas or oatmeal for breakfast, chili or soup and water for lunch. Cold food is ok if I'm not skiing a full day.
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If I have oatmeal for breakfast, I am always hungry 2-3 hours later. It just doesn't seem to hold.
When in Colorado the past 2 years, taking a 4 day clinic, my appetite is really suppressed, so I often just snack at lunch. Nuts, cheese,Luna bar and fruit while checking out the video.
At lower altitudes, I seem to want something a little warm. Usually soup.
When at Deer Valley, theres a small hut at the top of one mountain. On nice days, it's really pleasant to order a chili and drink and eat on the benchs outside. Always have a neat conversation with someone. That's the part of skiing my reluctant skier of a husband enjoys.
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oh that reminds me - Deer Valley is the exception to my rule. I have to have lunch there, it's just too good. And the price for what you get (quality) is reasonable. And real dishes too - I can get used to it
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I will eat a good breakfast in the morning to give me that nice pick me up, I like to do fruits, oats, a smoothie, and some sort of meat...although not sausage..maybe some ham. Than while skiing I drink lots of water, and snack on trail-mix, dried fruits, and cliffs bars every few hours, it keeps me going. Than after the day ends I will eat a good sized dinner.

So to answer the question, not hot food while skiing...makes me wanna sleep.
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