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Question on Rossignol Zenith Z5W and Attraxion

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Question for people. In 2005, Rossignol released a "ladies version" of the Zenith Z5 (called the Zenith Z5W) with ladies bindings. In 2006, they are simply referred to the entire Zenith lineup as "unisex skis" and don't have women specific models but I see that Rossignol has released a new "Attraxion" series that look almost identical in sidecut.

So are the women specific "Attraxion" series simply the Zenith series in disguise (minus the forward mounting binding position of course)??

Also what do any women think of the Z5W series?? Not much in these forums on this women specific ski.
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Attraxion = womens Zenith models. Shapes are the same and flex is remarkably similar. The Mounting position is froward, glass weave is a little thinner and the binding plate set up is slightly different. Katherine and I both skied the A-3 & 5 and we both felt that the Attraxion-3 was all the ski that most women would need. Katherine felt that the A-5 was somewhat heavy and sluggish. This was at least partially due to the very deep shape.

In case you are wondering, K skis on a Nordica Modified and a Rossi B2W when she is not testing skis with me.

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: Ok so I am confused in 2 areas. For a ski that was so popular by Rossignol in 2006, why is there VERY LITTLE info on the womens specific Z5W model anywhere?? Anybody have any info to share?

Also, if you compare the sidecut on the '06 womens B5W to the '07 Attraxion series they quite different:

'06 Z5W 112/68/98
'07 AttraxionV 126/74/105
'07 Attraxion III 121-72-100

The womens Z5W model in 2006 has a VERY different sidecut than the mens version.

So in general terms, how differently would they ski compared to the '07 attraxion series (since the sidecuts are not as pronounced). I am thinking the 06 Z5W would be best suited to an intermediate skier?? Anything else to add??

All comments would be greatly appreciated. THANKS
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The Z5W was not an intermediate ski. Rather, it was a fairly heavy ski with good high speed stability, and was Rossi's highest end non-Bandit series women's ski. Don't equate it to anything else with the Zenith name from '07. It was not terribly popular in '05-'06 so that mold is no longer in use.

The current Attraxion series are spin offs of the unisex '05-'06 Z5-Z9 with the addition of the new Z3/Attraxion 3 models for this year.

Deeper shapes tend to make shorter turns and require a somewhat higher edge angle.

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