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Jumping injury

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I had a jumping injury yesterday. Normally I stay out of the parks (where the manmade jumps are). Well, I decided to take some of the jumps. Took 2 and made it to the downslope on the other side. On the third, I didn't make it and landed real hard on the flat. Skis released immediately and I was flung foreward rolling down the downslope. It snapped my head foreward pretty hard, I guess I strained my neck. Anyway, my heels are KILLING me. Went to the doctor, nothing fractured. Anybody ever have this happen or know of anybody. How long can I expect to be hobbling around. Thanks.
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Ahh yes, jumping injuries. The fact is, I could be skiing right this very minute, but I'm babysitting my 18 year old because he couldn't stay out of the terrain park.

You probably just bruised your heels badly and it's going to be some time before they feel good. For some reason the kickers back East here aren't built right like they are out West. Mainly because they are built by maintainence personel instead of by the jumpers. Of all the competitions my boys have been in, the Western resorts are by far the best. Blackcomb, Copper and Breck know how to build them as well as the jumps at Steamboat all seem to be so much better than around here. And, better means safer, with the proper ramp angle for the length of the table top, and the proper landing angle and a safe run out distance.

Landing on the table top flat will hurt every time. You have to make sure you get enough speed to carry you over the flat. If you don't have the Ba##s, don't do it.

Be careful!
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My son came home yesterday a bit bruised, and with one good ski. The other ski tip had "blown out!" (his words)

What happened?

His friend talked him into taking "the big jump". (it didn't take much persuasion, I am sure).
"The hit was a bit bigger now."


I suggested that he might consider skiing once over the park "just to have a look"

Fortunately, he is out there again today!

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"My son came home yesterday a bit bruised, and with one good ski. The other ski tip had "blown out!" (his words)

What happened?"

He jumped and landed on the tails of his skis in the flat/table area. The ski slaps hard from the tail to the tip, the tip is forced flat from slap and tends to delaminate it.
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