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Killington people.......

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Anyone hear of an opening date yet? Looks like they should be able to run the guns around the clock for the next few days and maybe a get a little natural snow too. Any snow left up there from last weeks snow they got?
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lets put it this way i can see killington from my window very very clearly. i am hearing next weekend as an opening. there was minimal snow left from the last storm but it did snow about three inches on the access road today they turned on about 50 by guns today around 4ish
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We have a condo up there, and I've been checking every day for an opening day, but as far as I can see they haven't comitted to one. I remember Sunday River (also owned by the American Ski Company) had November 10th as there opening day once, but has since taken it down to say "Opening soon." I would think Killington would open within the next couple of weeks.
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I was at the ski show in Albany today and stopped by the Killington booth. They told me opening before 11/11 is not in their budget, and then they will only open if there's snow top to bottom.
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killington budget

the opening day buzzing around town is next sat nov 11 as far as the top to bottom skiing that has always been the company line. they won't do it till they can do it right
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whatever happened to the truck up the canyon.....upload on the quad and then ski rime???? Freagin' lawyers or wed be skiing.
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truck up the canyon

just because they arent killington trucks doesn't mean it can't happen
the vt state poliece couldn't stop us all
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Nov 9th
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u think that ASC and Killington will open on a thursday, get the **** outa here.
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nov 9th

well i can no longer see the mountain out of my window because it's snowing. as for nov 9th that would be a supprise
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i understand they are blowing snow at the top by the northridge areas and waiting for lower temps to finish the top to bottom. people are hiking up and getting in some turns
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I live over in the quechee area and have been in and out of ski shops today and word has it Nov 9 is the date
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Originally Posted by Alfonse View Post
I live over in the quechee area and have been in and out of ski shops today and word has it Nov 9 is the date
That'd be a suprise, but I'd be there. Less crowds on opening day = fine by me.
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Because of a significant warmup this looks like it will not be the case. They were blowing with the intent for this date however. Maybe next week....

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Just returned last night from 1st weekend - opening ski house for the season and year start parties. Drove to Killington base yeaterday and snow - not much - top to bottom with guns on in the Canyon. Met several folks with skis/skins planning a trek to the Canyon. Next weekend was projected for opening but with warming trend / rain due later this week, heard that opening would move to 11/17-18.

Getting closer, but not quite there !!!!!

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The snow Gods need to stop messing with our heads.......winter where are u?
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this better not be like last winter.....
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Last year

If you remember last year we had a freak storm on the 24th of october then no snow all year. Hopefully the snow gods are getting the rain out of their system early.
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