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All-mountain twins....

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Well, I've been lurking around the forums for awhile now, and with winter approaching fast, I thought it's about time I got serious about buying new skis.

I'm 6', 160~170 pounds, and a fairly aggressive lvl 8 skier. I mostly ski up at Whistler, and I'm looking for a good pair of all mountain twins with a focus more on performance in the powder/trees. I don't ride the bumps at all, but I'll be spending some time in the park when I get bored and just feel like messing around a bit.

I've already made a list I'm trying to narrow down with (hopefully) your guys' help. I'd like to hear a few of your opinions before I post up that list here. Yes, I'm going to demo before I buy, but the last thing I want to do is spend a day trying to demo 8 different skis in 3 different lengths. : (Whistler opens in 3 weeks )
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I'd consider an "allmountain twin" at Whistler to be 90-100mm in the waist, so that's mainly what my list is made of:

Rossignol Scratch BC
PMGear Stiff Bro (pretty much un-demoable)
Volk Karma (a little slim for whistler pow)

K2 Seth
Dynastar Big Trouble
Salomon Gun
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Okay, looks like I'm on the right track... My list is as follows right now.

Salomon 1080 Gun
Atomic Sugar daddy
K2 The Seth, AK enemy(Might be a little too wide)
Head Mojo 90 (the 105 also seems too wide)
Dynastar Big trouble
Volkl Mantra, Gotama
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Pretty good list. The Gotama is pretty wide, if the mojo 105 and the ak enemy seem too wide I'm surprised to see the Gotama on the list. Plus this year's ski has a greatly reduced tail
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I was in the same boat.

I was endlessly looking around for an all mountain twin like yourself. I think I've finally settled on the Mojo 90's. It was that and Volkl Mantras, Goats, and Karmas. But with reading tons of reviews and a convincing demo I'm sold.

The Mantras: Too much ski for me, I need something I can really maneuver with and throw around when I need to. But one HELL of a stable ski! I was at mach 8 and felt as stable as I ever have. WOW.

Goats: Powder bliss. Groomer pooper. just doesnt do it for me in the "all-mountain" category. Although, for absolutely killing everything other than ice and corduroy while going the speed of light upside-down, there is no better set of planks.

Karmas: These were my runner-ups. They are an awesome set of skis. They do everything really well including groomers. However, for a Whistler ski that needs some serious pow potential, I would suggest some more float. Its up to you. Great ski. Awesome in park.

Mojo 90's: My personal favorite. Where the Karmas were hesitant, these made carving effortless and fun (its a close comparison though). A slightly larger ski and I felt a difference in pow performance. Kept me floating rather than half/half. Bomber build and solid in the park. Extremely stable but very snappy at the same time.

It all comes down to your personal preference. I recommend the 90's
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Thanks for the great info emilio. Still got some more researching to do, but I think I'm taking the Salomon's off the list. They apparently don't last very long...
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176's definately. Especially if you plan on doing park.
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True. Stay away from foam.
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Head Mojo90. A true Whistler ski.
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Mantras aren't twins- they just have a mock twin to help release the tail in tight spots.
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You might also want to consider the Atomic Pimps. They are a slightly different version of the Sugar Daddy's. They are a rare ski though, as from what the Atomic Rep told me they only released about 125 pairs of all sizes. I picked up a pair of the 193s the other day.

I debated between the Gotamas and the Pimps. You can't go wrong with either ski, although the Atomics are better on groomers from what I've read/heard.

Hope this helps.

Pimp dimensions:

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How about the Fischer Kehua. They come in a 177CM length and a 92 mm waist. Heard some nice things about them.
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Does anybody have any experience on any K2's?
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I've skied both the old Seth Pistols and last year's Seth Vicious. I found them to be fun, soft skis that held their own in groomers and in the park but really shined in light pow and cut-up snow. Not enough heft to be considered a crud-buster, but they felt very lively in tracked-up pow that hadn't quite been skied to crud yet.
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Okay, I've cut my list down to 4 skis now The research continues...
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