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Sorry I missed this one, Stache, but I posted in the Lounge thread.

I'm glad you have a mountain!!! A man without a mountain is like a woman without chocolate.....Yeah, you can survive, but why?

Jiminy is about 20 minutes from home. We'll ski you there, but we'll meet you at Stowe Friday night first.:
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Why aren't you putting the word out to your clientele?
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I have contacted the closest ones and they (3) have changed their vacation plans. The www.WindhamUnderground.com list will get the final

Stache's Thursday Night sNOw Report
this Thursday night or next.
While SSD may have been a coward and a jerk, the top man of the mountain has always been fair, professional and gentlemanly to me and I feel I owe him some loyalty and respect.
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