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Hotels in Killington

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Please can someone recommend a nice Hotel with bar to stay in at Killington.

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The Inn at long Trail has a great bar.
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Make sure you check out the Wobbly Barn while you're there!!!
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Comfort Inn in Rutland
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Kilington Grand is decent, has a bar and is slopeside. Look for early season deals.
Cascades lodge has a bar and a restaurant. As far as I could remember "The Inn of the Six Mountains" too.
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Hmm..the bars at the hotels won't really be what you are looking for unless you want to pay too much for drinks with nobody else around..Stay wherever and go to the Pickle Barrel, Wobbly Barn or Outback.
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killington grand

the grand has a nice bar if you dont plan to be able to drive yourself. Inn at the long trail is nice but way to far from the slopes if you do not have your own transportation. if you do stay at the grand killington provides a bus that goes up and down the access road
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Cascades Lodge gets my vote- I stay there at PSIA events every season. They have a really great breakfast included with most of their room plans.
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Try the North Star Lodge on the Access Road. Beautiful suites and an outdoor heated pool that is awsome! Breakfast is included and I believe they have a bar on site but the Wobbly Barn and Pickle Barrel are real close. We stayed last winter and it was terrific and reasonable.

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Anything real cheap in Rutland or other outlying areas?
Like $50 or less midweek.

When I first went to Killington I paid (as low as $8 or $4)
a fraction of what I see now.


One reason I skip K-mart for SLC or Reno is availability
of lodging for $25 to $40. Also $250 RT airfares from
BWI every year for past 8 years.
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