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SX 12, 176 or 183 ?

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I am 40, 220 lbs and 6,1 a level 8 skier. For size, mass, and skier level, would be a 183 cm MUCH better choice then 176 cm?

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183 cm sx12 better than 176 cm for a 220 lb skier sounds right to me.
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Where are you skiing them?
If it's going to be strictly carving fast GS-esque turns on groomed stuff, then the 183 is probably better. If you're wanting to take them into trees or bumps or generally anything where you're going to want some shorter turns, you may want to go for the 176 (keep in mind that bumps and trees are definitely not this ski's forte, but if you have the skills you can make it work).
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I'd say that you might be able to get away with the 176, although no one here has actually skied the SX12, including me (if anyone has, speak up). Bottom line is that the SX11, B5, and the SX12 are all very stiff skis. If the 12 is like the 11 and B5, it can be skied in a shorter length than you'd expect without giving up any edgehold or overskiing the ski. My only concern is the new sidecut and how the ski may differ from the old 11.
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