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Full Tilt (Raichle Flexon) and ZipFit Liners?

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Has anyone used Zipfit liners in a Flexon [now reinvented as Full Tilt) shells?

Also I'd like to source a 27.0 or 27.5 shell (9.5 USA)

Thanks in Advance. gordo
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Just from the pictures I saw, I'd guess they come with custom (heat molded) liners.
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I have ZipFit liners (Plug Leather from last season) and lots of Flexons. I have attempted a couple times to put the plug leather liners in Flexons, but unfortunately they take up too much volume and I can't get the buckles to close. I even moved the cables in their "anchors" to make them longer and it wasn't enough help. You might be able to do it if you can get longer buckle cables.

It's interesting to note that these ZipFit liners fit perfectly into my 306mm shell Kryptons, but can't even come close to getting in my 301mm shell Flexons (of course this is mostly due to the cuff and ankle area, not the lower foot portion of the liner).

Now which boot do you think is lower volume overall?
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Noodler: Do you have a low volume and/or narrow foot? It would make sense the ZipFits might get tight if your ankle shafts were average or larger.

I am currently in a Lange comp 120 low fit (314mm). I would like to move the plug ZipFits into a more responsive and lighter Flexon Shell.
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I'm a B width 26.0 when measured. My feet aren't super skinny, but I do consider them a candidate for low volume boots. I can fit into Lange LF shells and have skied in Flexons for over 20 years.
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I bought a pair of new Flexons 310mm off Ebay for $215. The are much tighter in the ankle shaft than my previous Lange Comp 120 LF 314mm (27-27.5). I was surprised the Flexons had a lot more space in the toe box and have a little higher instep. Anyone with crushed toes in the low fit Langes might want to look at this [classic] boot.

T0he stock liner was still a little loose, so I tried my Zipfit neoplush plug 27.0 and they fit right in. The liners were a little tight at first, but after heating everything up and moving a little stuffing around, they now seem to be a very good fit.

I got into my skis with this set up and the ankle, heel grip is like a suction cup! Plus my toes and fore foot have plenty of room to breath.

Of course I always say this is the setup standing in my skis in the basement. Then when I am on the snow something else turns up. But ya know?... This time it does feel pretty good almost new out of the box. That for me is a good sign. Gordo NYC.

I had to heat mold a space for my inside ankle bone on both boots.
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