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Eiseman Hut, CO - Anyone Been?

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Has anyone ever been to the Eiseman Hut near Vail in the winter? I've heard that there are two trails...one that's pretty grueling and the other one which is not as bad but adds a couple of miles. Ideally, we'd like to take the trail that will leave us less burned out, so we can have a full day of skiing the next day around the hut. Also, how was route finding? Was the trail marked well?
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I'll bet you will get a lot more information if you post this over on the Couoir site (www.couloirmag.com).
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Been there the last six winters

I've been there the last six winters and will be there again the end of February. I have a lot of pictures from last years trip on my website. I also have links from there to blog entries that give more detail about the trip.

We always go in Spraddle Creek. We have a strong group and most people take 4-5 hours to get in. One year when I was fit and really pushed myself I made it to the hut in just under 3.5 hours. I think the hardest thing about it is that you hit a steep section a little over 2/3 of the way in when you're already getting tired.

The trail is well marked and generally packed out. You start out on a road and after about an hour you go left off the road and after crossing the creek you head up the ridge. I know someone who didn't make the turn and ended up going to a long time on up the road. I think that's probably the easiest place to go wrong because the road is generally well packed out and then it's just a narrow track heading off to the left.

A couple times we've skied out Red Sandstone. The Spraddle Creek route can become a luge if it's warm for a couple days and then you ski out early in the morning before the snow softens up. I think it's getting down from the hut to Middle Creek that gets the worst. One time we were able to hitch a ride back to Spraddle Creek and another time we called a cab.
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Does anyone know roughly how long it takes to ski out from Eiseman hut using the Middle Creek/Spraddle Creek trail?

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I haven't done Eiseman, but have had several friends who have.  So take my advice with a block of salt.  From what I gathered, it is going to take you the better part of the morning to get in there if you leave by say 8 or 9am.  ultrarob's advice looks like it's accurate.  4-5 hours.

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