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Nice Videos from Mammoth Mountain

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Great videos! Thanks for helping fill the time until Utah resorts open!
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I agree. Great videos. I even made my 3.5 year old daughter watch them. She enjoyed it too. It's too bad she doesn't know how to ski.
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Did Mammoth have the most awesome season last year or what??? Oh, man, I'm Jonesing after watching those. Hurry up and SNOW!!!!
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Yahoo... I am glad you guys like those video's. Funny I am doing the re-edits on those video's for the rsn tv guys right now. I was taking a break and checking out the board.

The final edits will rock with a some fresh stuff, remastered sound and sound bites from some of the people in the videos.

PS We may be lacking in snow now, but just remember last year.

Back to the studio... Late!

Snowman out...
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Beware those links will not be working as of lunch today... I will try to get fresh links posted here later. Man this time of the year is BUSY!!!!
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Everytime I view the Mammoth vids I want to drive out and try th place. It looks like an awsome place to ski. Are the weekends as crowded as some claim?
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Holiday weekends are busy at the bottom of the hill on Saturday mornings. By lunch on Saturday everyone is eating and drinking and they just don't seem to come back out on the hill the rest of the weekend. Given that there are 26 lifts, all the high-speed quads and 2 gondolas there's ALWAYS somewhere to ski on the hill where no one else is skiing. You just have to get away from the base lodges. Come out and try skiing the volcano...Mammoth ROCKS!
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Thanks for the reply. I am coming out either this winter or next.
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You know...just when I thought I would have a great time skiing in the East this season, I see stuff like that. Thanks a lot. Awesome clips. I'll have to make a trip to Mammoth some day. Ahhhh so many places to go so little time.
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The last time I brought up going to Mammoth my wife questioned the intelligence of driving past all of the Colorado, Utah and Tahoe resorts to get there. I just had her watch a few of the Mammoth videos and she said "that is exactly the type fo terrain we like to ski!". She is now wanting to take a trip.

I have been to spots at Colorado resorts that resemble some of the Mammoth terrain, but not that much of it in one spot!
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