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You funny too!  It's all good.  I still say my scraped skis will run with the fancy structures.  Defanging after a deep stone grind is always a good idea to bring it up to speed.

I'm glad you feel the need to do what is needed!

Now you need to see my helmet!

Let me start by saying that I am not a purist. I only have my skis ground after I do big repairs which is so seldom that it's kind of weird to see structure on them. The way I look a it, I'm not skiing the WC, I live in the west and can still ski at highway speeds on what some here would consider an inferior tune so I don't see the point. Jacques, the metal scraper has always been a repair tool on my bench, but I will give it a try for wax. It can't hurt anything if you have a nice, clean edge on the scraper. If it sucks though, I'm telling everyone on Epic that you are just a lousy hack. :D

Shakin' in your boots, aren't you?

Nice!  I,m shakin'!  I have pointed out several times that I use un-sharpened steel to scrape wax.  I use sharp steel to shave a base back to a flatter condition or just remove old dried up base layers.  I'm happy to have not used a stone grind in many years now.  Thanks for the vote of confidence!  Be good and take care now.  You are a good guy.