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How long?

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It's not long now until next season, but how close is it?
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Fox I had a hard time with this poll I've been on this ski trip for 6 years now.
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Hey - nowhere to fill in the NUMBER of season passes...
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Looks like I am going July 5. Brother E-Mailed me saying he wanted to go!! The PNWet has one real advantage - ENDLESS SEASON.

SCSA did I do that in proper DR. GO FASHION (THE BOLDFACE)?
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I'll be on snow at Hood starting the 6th.
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I don't buy new gear every season. What I am supposed to answer to question 3?
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In that case it is >= 6 months (I mean you don't plan to buy any in under 6 months)

Hope this helps,

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What's this with seasons ending and beginning????

We skied two weeks ago and last Saturday (Big Cottonwood Canyon) and will be skiing again on July 4 (Cody Peak at Jackson Hole).

I'm starting to enjoy summer skiing more than the "real" thing.

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Do you ever take a break from skiing? If so, that is your off-season. If not, I hate you!

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