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My 5-year-old does not have her own equipment....hopefully, she will start loving skiing so much after her first lesson at Brighton that she will beg me for her own.

But for her first lesson, should I rent at Brighton or is there a shop in the Valley that does a particularly good job with little kids who are headed up for the first time?
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Alta under-rated

All of my kids learned to ski at Alta's ski school. The instructors are great, the classes are small, and no snowboarders. The bonus is Mom and Dad get to ski what can arguably be considered the best place in the US.
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Originally Posted by Alta Dude View Post
Their half-day program is about half the cost, but DOESN'T include the lift ticket. How much sense does that make?
Just an FYI, for the first time and most likely the second time lesson, the cost of the lift ticket is free. You don't need a ticket to ride the tows (OK, you need a free "Tow ticket"), or in the case of the little ones, the magic carpet. I mostly teach bigger people, and I know that's the deal with those classes. So really for the first couple of lessons, 1/2 day it's right in line with brighton.
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Originally Posted by Sandgroper61 View Post

Given that I'm about to join the PCMR kids' programme as an instructor, I really hope that the above comments are inaccurate or at least out of date!

We had our 7 year old twins in the ski school at PCMR last January (2011)  for two consecutive days and they absolutely loved it.  Their instructor was phenomenal, and they definitely gained skills and confidence thanks to the PC program.  We had no problems with organization and I loved the fact that they limit the classes to 5 kids per instructor.  I hope you have a fantastic season at PCMR, and as we are coming back to Utah in March, perhaps our children will benefit from your teaching.  Good Luck!  We also really liked the ski school at Deer Valley, although I was concerned about the size of the group at first.  However, we learned from our kids that they broke the group up and, as others have noted, advanced our son two levels after observing his skills.  Like many parents, we underestimate our kids' abilities because we don't want them put in a situation they cannot handle.  I was thrilled that the DV instructors saw what our kids could do and pushed them further along. 

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I am happy to read all the good reviews of the DV ski school. This will be my first season teaching at Deer Valley, and I am very excited, especially after reading all the reviews. =)

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I had good luck with the following 2 options in the past

Solitude group

2 hour private instruction at Alta for 2 kids


The kids learned alot in just 2 hours with the private instruction.  I recommend that avenue if they have some experience and you want them to be able to ski with you later in the day.   My kids 15, 13, 9 can pretty much ski well on all blues and greens in Utah now except maybe Snowbird.


Over the years,  we always put them in something the first day.   The results vary widely by the number of kids in the class,  the instructor, etc.    My experience and friends with kids experience was pretty good results anywhere in LCC or BCC,  but not good experiences in CO.   I heard good things about DVR,  but don't know anyone who put kids there.

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