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Looks like all of the bad ones have been covered.
No, no they haven't. Discovered a great deal at Total Beverage one time - Narragansett. Six bucks for A CASE. Should've known then it was too good to be true. Bought 96 cases for a fraternity party. How do you get a hard partying fraternity of 80+ brothers to make 96 cases of beer last for more than two weeks? Buy Narragansett.
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Hey they're makin 'gansett again - and I think it is an improvement. Grab a gannie - wasn't that a Curt Gowdy pitch way back?
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church keys

had an alternate use as a tool to strike the grout joint for a regrouting in the usual tub/showere stalls of my past. Dad did some bathroom jobs although kitchens were better paying. However the key wound up back in the collection in the silverware drawer. So when I needed to open a can of store brand say up-rite soda it sometimes became a struggle. Eventually some merchant got a fancy plastic handled version thatmom declared off-limits for the dual purpose, it was so cool then becausemom needed a non beer soda opener she could use and that one had the bottle opener part on the same end but onthe flip side, short leather hanging strap on the tail. I'm figuring onthe fact she probably still is fond of that opener. In a pinch when the other manual round the can opener was forgotten on a camping trip one of my other brothers would use the church key for the job. They also made those hobo stoves with the key for the #10 can over the tuna fish can with the cardboard wax insert, then all of a sudden coleman developed their stove and lantern too for the avid camper. Which my family enjoyed. One can of coleman fluid never ran out since you'd refill it with white gas (unleaded) from an Amoco station, eventually a second can was purchased to make sure the growing boys always had enough fuel at the site so mom could continue making something too eat while dad was out fishing. peace and snow, good morning , eric. v.varmit
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