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Help on picking an all mountain ski

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My 168cm long Salamon E10 3V's are now about 4 years old and I have always loved skiing them! I used them all over the mountain as long as the snow wasn't to deep. But last season I was a bit disapointed in them. Last year I wasn't able to ski more then 1 week (I always try to go 2 weeks in a season) and this week we had a lot of fresh heavy snow and I did not enjoy them as much as I used too. The fact that my phisical condition is not as it used to be anymore. It is still allright but I was not able to ski them as powerfull as I used to...

So for these reasons I decided to go and look for an allmountain ski that I can used next to my 3V's. So if the snow is old and hard I could go with my old 3V's and in fresh or heavy snow I can take my new ski's.

Do you have any suggestions about what ski would be good for me to check out? Unfortunally I am not able to testdrive them so I just like you opinion on this.

I hear good things about the Nordica Hot Rod's and the Top Fuel and Modified sound like they could be right for me.

Personal info:

Skill is around 7 or 8.
Age is 34.
Heigth is 186cm (about 6.10 feet)
Weight is 83kg (about 183 pound)

Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated!

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CoJack -

Where do you mainly ski?
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Well, I live in The Netherlands were there are no ski resorts. I mainly go to the France Alpes (trois vallees, tignes, les arces etc). So it really could be anywhere...
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If you stay on-piste consider a Fischer RX8 or a Head Supershape in a 170cm.

If you also want off-piste capability consider the Head Monster i.M 77 in a 170 cm. Also consider the Volkl AC3 in about the same size.


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If you like the feel of Salomons, you would probably like an X-Wing Tornado in a 178CM. (124-75-107).

My personal choice for an all mountain ski that can carve is the Legend 8000 in a 178CM (116-78-102). Good float too.

Or you may want to take a look at a Volkl AC4 in a 177CM length. (125-82-110) but it's a pricey ride but loads of fun on or off-piste.
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Thanks for the tips. I'll take a look at the salomons (but maybe in 170 which will be more fun in fallline)! From the specs I believe the legend is not enough of a carver for my liking.
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I will check out the Volkl as well. The AC3 sounds great!
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Nordica Hot Road Nitrous would be ideal. Same dimensions as the Top Fuel but without the extra metal layers making it less stiff but more versatile some would say. Both the Top Fuel and Nitrous have enough width underfoot to give you a great time in most if not all conditions (I have had my Nitrous up to about knee-deep) and are great carvers too.

Haven't skied the Top Fuel, but can testify that the Nitrous is superb as a do-everything-well ski. In fact, the whole Hot Rod range is probably worth checking out.
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