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Oldenburg Skis

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Does anyone know the web site for Oldenburg skis?

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They're insolvent. it was www.oldenburg.at - don't know if it is still active.
They were in the past producing all high quality burton raceboards plus some freeride/freestyle top of the line boards.
With Burton moving production to the States, Oldenburg couldn't adapt quicly enough. There was not much room in the market to produce hiqh quality sandwich products for other companies as oldenbürg is not know by anyone.

It's sad, they were one of the eldest ski producers worldwide, and one of the first snowboard producers too.
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This shop claims to be carrying Oldenburg Skis (and the catalog says "2006"):


Scroll down to the bottom and there's a section with a lady holding up a pair of the skis.

the thing that gets me is that brands like Oldenburg, Dynamic, and Kastle are all making skis, but don't seem to have websites (at least not ones you can easily find on the web). I would think that smaller companies of this nature would want to have a serious presence on the net (not to mention that I rather enjoy scoping out skis by smaller companies online).
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They will be correct. The production is not yet stopped. The're might even be some 2007 models.

It really is a sad story. I rode some of their 2007 snowboards last year. Though I think they lagged to the small big custom snowboard race producers (Kessler, Tomahawk, Oxxess.....) the Oldenbürg boards were well done. Really nice finish and high quality. I'ld expect their skis to be top notch too. They did improve quality a lot since mooving away from Burton.
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