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Enjoyed another beautiful Lake Effect powder day here in western New York again today. Three nice powder days in a row now. After a late start the skiing has been fantastic. How's things elsewhere?
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Utah's got it. I guess everybody's gettin' some. Physicsman gutted a goat.
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gutted or rutted?
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Guess every one except CA.. It's pretty dismal now. The next chance of snow is Friday afternoon.
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[whine] (can I have some cheese with my whine?) Everyone except CA and the mid Atlantic. It snowed 3" (was 34 degrees) on Saturday with sleet and frozen rain mixed in. It was 40 on Sunday, it'll be 50 and sunny today, and in the 50s and raining the rest of the week. So far this season, we've had one week of cold temps (Xmas to New Years), and about 2 days of good skiing conditions. [/whine]
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...and most of Europe! A lot of places haven't seen snow since before Christmas in Italy/France. Now I don't feel as bad about not getting much skiing in this season - I'd have trashed my skis!


PS JohnH, can I have some whine & cheese as well?
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Looks like some Sugar Bowl is reporting 8" to 10" of fresh snow in the last 24 hours.

It's a start!

Maybe it will help ease the pain of not being able to be in CO skiing with all the bears this weekend!
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Crystal Mtn. dumping and cold. I am one tired guy today, but I may have to call in well later this week.
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Must have been something other than powder, remember according to gonzo we don't get powder in the east.
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Looks like its time for all of you to move out to the far west. Washington and Oregon resorts have been getting dumped on lately. Mt. Hood has seen 30-40+ inches in the last 2 days. I work up at snoqualmie pass, and we got well over 30 inches over the last friday, saturday, and sunday. And our base is only 2800-3000 ft.
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