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Snowbird - Early season

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We normally do a long weekend the week before Christmas, last couple of years it has been Summit County. But Snowbird always seems to have really good early season deals that we were thinking it might be worth it to do the Bird this year.

During normal seasons, how much of Snowbird's advanced-expert terrain can we expect to be open in Mid-December? Thanks!
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It all depends on how much snow has fallen - a silly answer, I know, but there are good years and lean years.

Note that, while Snowbird does have a few snow guns, they're primarily used lower on the mountain and in beginner/intermediate terrain that gets a lot of down-mountain traffic. A lot of the stuff higher on the mountain will likely be open by mid-December, but the snowpack may now be as deep or solid as it usually is during mid-season. If there's been steady snowfall, though, then Snowbird's expert terrain is fine.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Song.

Can any locals tell me if much of the expert terrain is usually skiable at that time? Thanks again.
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Usually (with the emphasis on usually) most of the advanced or expert terrain will be open in mid December. Coverage is often not the greatest so you may have to use some care in some areas or invest in a little base repair after the fact.
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I've had pretty good luck early season at the bird. But I think they need about 70" before it starts to get really good and even then the traverse is still boney.

I think Alta is actually a little better early and their patrol seems to get the goods open much quicker.

The early season deals at the Snowbird include a bird only ticket and the upgrade at that time is almost as much as an Alta only ticket. If you stay at the Peruvian in a Nordic room, it's pretty cheap and then you can choose where you want to ski.
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70" base to be really good is accurate IMHO. Less than 50" and you better have rock skis. Mid-December timing is very close to a tossup for Snowbird being ready for prime time. SHREDHEAD is correct that Alta's higher base elevation and terrain layout make it safer in early season. I was there for a Christmas with a 47 inch base and about 75% of terrain was in good shape. On that same trip the lower half of Snowbird was very rocky.
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