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Foam Roller Stretches

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Wvery time someone posts a thread on this topic, the site that features the pictures of the exercises disappear from cyberspace! : So here is an update:

BTW: These stretches were very popular at ESA Snowbird!
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Thanks, Lisamarie. I can vouch for these working those hard to stretch places like the IT band area. Hurst like heck when you first do it, so you have to hang in there, but does help and stops hurting after a few times. It's also great for the mid-back.
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Is the foam hardness specific to an individual or is there a best one, and how would we know it?
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Sometimes, when you've had them for awhile, they get softer. Here are the variety that are available.

If you are really sensitive, you might prefer body rolling balls, which are a bit softer.
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