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Owens Remembers

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I am writing this to give mad props to Owens Never Sleeps for his letter in the current November issue of Powder. I'm truly sorry about the loss of your good friend Jay. Thank you for sharing your story with us all.

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Yeah! Owens, that was a great letter. I can share your sense of loss as I also lost a friend to the mountain last season. I know what you're feeling and what you said in that letter is right on the money.
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I picked this issue up on Friday after reading this post. Sorry about your loss, you wrote a great letter. If something should happen to me and bring about an unexpected end, this is how I would want to be remembered/celebrated. Good job Owens.
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Thanks - Jay is greatly missed and fondly remembered. It was very cool of Powder to print such a personal and cathartic letter. Live today folks. It's really all you've got.
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