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Couch potato crazy! Help!

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I have 4 more days to go of my torture: elevating my foot and icing. I'm allowed to go to the bathroom only. I've been down for 5 days, and I'm in such pain from trying to be comfortable!

I did good for a couple of days, but now all I want to do is leap and walk and climb and dance.... I do leg lifts, sit ups, etc, but I still have a sore back. This is compounded by the knee surgery I had a month ago on the same leg, so I'm 'legless' on one side. My right leg is getting waaaaay stronger than the left (guess which turns I'll be loving come ski season!: )

Does anyone have any exercises I can do while sitting or lying to help ease the discomfort from not being able to stand?
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Thanks, LM. I can pick through and do the ones that don't need feet or standing.
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LM, any thoughts on the brian mac stuff:
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He always has great stuff on his site!
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