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DanoT, thank you for sharing those photos; went great with the coffee this morning.  Those were really good pics for their time.


It is really amazing how often we repeat the activities from farther up on the family tree, and how often it is not intentional.


40 years ago I was very into canoeing and kayaking, like weeks out at a time.  4 years ago while cleaning up some Estate albums found pics from my Grandparents in 1907,way back on Memory Lane.  They met and married in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.  There were pictures of them courting on skis, and canoeing white water; I never knew. 

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When I was a kid in the 1950s,  we had my parents skis from the 30s in our basement. They had wooden hardwood edges that i think were called Lignite edges.


Once I started skiing regularly as a teenager in the 1960s, it rekindled my parents interest in skiing and they bought "modern" equipment and would go on weekend trips to Collingwood , Ontario.

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Here is an interesting link to a truly epic race and a nearly forgotten piece of ski history.  These guys were bold! 


Look at the times from 05 and 37 and look at the terrain. 




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I once did the Burke Mt. Stampede which was 6 or so guys in each heat down the road. Tuck, hairpin, tuck and repeat. The best part was my dad did it, too!


Here my dad is teaching my sister to ski in 1959.



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And my Mum and sister at Ho-Jo's, Hermit Lake, Tuckerman Ravine, NH



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