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volkl mantra vs explosiv

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looking to get a pair of powder skis this year,mantra or explosiv?Was leaning toward the mantras but read some good things about the explosiv.I found a pair of 05 new explosiv powder skis and wanted some input.
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The Mantra is the new and "improved" version of the Explosiv. It has more sidecut (wider tip & tail) and is more of an all-around ski, as opposed to the Explosiv that is more powder specific and better for bulldozing heavier snow. The Explosiv was the ski that CMH used for BC heli-skiing for about the past decade. They both have their cult followings and I'm sure if you search here and on the TGR website you will find lots of info both skis. I would pick the Explosiv for the west coast and the Mantra for the Rockies, but they are both great skis.
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i didnt think they made the explisiv in 05
i was under the impression that was when the mantra replaced it
was i told wrong
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Yup. 04-05 was indeed the last year of the Explosiv
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it was made for CMH last year still... but nothing for public
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If you have the chance to try them side-by-side, I think you might find them to be very different skis.

I ended up on a demo pair of Explosivs last season (Maroon red with the Bhudda sticker on them). I was trying to demo Stockli's but due to a mix-up over the phone when I got to the shop they didn't carry Stockli's for demo. They gave me a set of Explosivs with the following advice: "just point 'em down the hill and rip." We were riding Sugarbowl in Tahoe a day or two after a mild storm, so there were a few powder stashes, but most of it was tracked out. The skis handled great in the pow, but once i came flying out onto the hardpack groomers I was all over the place. Needless to say, they worked me around quite a bit. I found them to be incredibly straight and unweildy on the groomers. I actually ended up taking them back to the shop and exchanging them for some M:EXs, which were much better for the conditions.

A few weeks later I demoed a pair of the Mantras and found them much more to my liking. The added sidecut makes them much more nimble in my opinion, as well as a bit more versatile in an "all-mountain" setting. They hold up nice in the pow, but also get by in the groomers, as long as it's not icy.

As for the "Cult" status of these skis? I think you'll find that the Explosiv has much more of a cult following with hard charging skiers and that the Mantra is, at least in my opinion, a much more mass/average skier oriented version. That's just my take, though.

BTW, I'm 5'11", 185lbs somewhere between a level 6-8 skier and while I tend to gravitate more toward off-piste, i would not consider myself a hell-bent-for-leather hard charger. I'm a little more reserved. Which is why I think the Mantra fit me better than the Explosiv.
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Thanks for the input guys
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Powder? Gotama. The Mantra will do it well in just about every condition. If you're a bigger guy the Mantra doesn't give you much "float" in deeper pow.
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