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OK Alaska Bears -- It's time to do your civic duty and ski. The Challenge Alaska Ski - A- Thon is on Saturday, April 6.

Here's the deal. It's kind of like the Walk for Hope - you get pledges for the number of runs you ski or just flat donations. Minimum is $100 in donations to participate. Here's what you get: A FREE LIFT TICKET, FREE LUNCH, AND YOUR OWN LIFT LINE BYPASSING LANE AT THE QUAD. It's a good time, a good deal, and it raises money for a great organization.

For those of you who don't know, Challenge Alaska is the local disabled sports organization and they run the disabled ski program at Alyeska. We do a ll of our bigger TGR shows in AK as benefits for Challenge. I think they're cool because they are totally into getting you on the hill and experienceing the freedom of skiing no matter what your physical problem is. Not only do they do the ski program, but they also put on the longest wheelchair/handcycle race in the world - From Fairbanks to Anchorage - 384 miles. They actually do lots of good stuff but they are mainly about what humans are capable of doing.

I usually throw a party after the ski-a-thon, but we have a TGR show at the Bear Tooth that night, so I'm gonna ski and then jam into town.

Lets use this little community here to do some good. Drop me an email at and I'll email you a pledge form.

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