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Help me with my mogul ski dilema...please..

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I ski Killington about 15-20 days a year. I doa ski house with a bunch of friends and I go up about twice a month. I really love skiing moguls, but I really love skiing park and carving, and trees. Here is what I have now

Salmon Gun Lab 188cm (for out west).
05-06 Volkl Karma 185cm (haven't skied them yet, but I suspect I will use them for soft or powdery days at Killy and crud/hard pack days out west)
Salomon CR Lab 179cm (2 seasons old and kinda dead...)

I used to use my Salomon CR's for everything at Killington but I wanted to try something new this year so I got Volkl Karmas. I've heard the Karmas are good in the bumps as far as mid fats go, but they are definitely wider than my CR's by 8mm. I've also always wanted a bump ski. So my question is, what do people usually do who ski on a bump skis? Do you ski them every day back east? Or just when there isn't much new snow? Is it worth giving up the carving and park abilities to have the bump/tree performance? Is it dumb to have 2 skis to use on the east coast? I envision myself being a total ski-schizophrenic and going back to the car because I can't decide what skis to use on a particular day. Do people just say, ok, today is a bump day and I'll deal with other stuff as it comes along?

I'm not that concerned about the money...I've found Dynastar twisters new for 250 and I can pull S914 bindings from my CR's.
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A bump ski is great for the bumps, Twisters are stellar bump skis. Most bump skis will ski the groomed okay. Not great, pretty old school in fact, but they'll ski it. I'd bring another ski with me or I'd buy a ski that is good in the bumps and everywhere else.
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Oops, hit send before I was done... twins are good bump skis, your CR's are good but dead.. how about a new Dumont?
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Dumonts are a bit short for me. I considered just getting another pair of CR's but I didn't like the standard mount point for bumps..the tails were always getting in the way..and mounting them back would messup the sidecut. My plan was to use my Karmas as bump skis..I'll probably see how they do and if they are too wide, I'll get a pair of mogul skis...they have a good selection at Killington ski shops.
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The current Troublemaker is a pretty darned good all around ski for the directionally challenged. It is way more ski than the typical "park" ski. Having skied K-Mart a bit, I know that those bumpz can get pretty firm. The TM has very good grip for it's category.

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