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TR: Loveland, 10/31: Need snow!

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Went up to Loveland for a morning of skiing. Made turns with cgeib, Greg, Annette, Scott, Larry, and Lyle. We really need another good shot of snow.

All the stuff off Chair 1 had great snow, stuff you could really sink your edges into. We made laps after lap on Richard's Run. Spillway, predicably, started getting icy patches later in the morning. Even the last section of Richard's Run (right before it joins up with Home Run) started getting icy later.

Chair 6 terrain was in pretty bad shape -- rock hard with lots of exposed grass, rocks, etc. Not very fun. We made one run and did not return.

Chair 2 terrain had good coverage, but the "snow" was hard. It was quite windy today, making the ride brutal. One run was enough to send us scurrying back to Chair 1.

One good thing was being able to watch a bunch of pretty talented young racers. The way they attack the slope and lay those edges over is pretty impressive.
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faisasy, thanks for the nice TR

With the weather report calling for the cold over the next few and considering Loves snowmaking, do you see conditions remaining as how you outlined for a visit this Thursday?
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figured it would be like how you saying by now.we need a real big dump soon to freshen up the place. but its good that the hard base is down,hard base is everything early in the season.
glad i didnt get up their today.
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Can't foresee any big change in conditions -- the forecast is not very encouraging. The next decent shot of snow seems to be set for the weekend.

As far as I could see today, Loveland was not making snow on any of the Chair 1, 2, or 6 terrain. They have snow-guns set up (and only one going) on Roulette (under Chair 6) -- presumably to create the terrain park. I'd say your best bet would be Chair 1 (Mambo and Richard's Run are in GREAT shape), followed by Chair 2. As I mentioned, the coverage off Chair 2 is good, but since it gets baked by the sun, it is very hard. Plus with all the wind up there, it also create wind-loaded pockets -- so you have an interesting mix of rock-hard icy patches followed by thick wind-loaded snow right next to each other -- enough to keep you on your toes. And unless there's a large dump, I'd avoid Chair 6 -- lots of exposed rocks in all areas.
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