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What are good skis for me?

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I grew up snowboarding but moved to Colorado recently and started skiing last season. I went about once a week and borrowed my friend's old skis or rented. I have no clue what skis I rented but the skis I borrowed from my buddy were probably too big/advanced for me (they were K2s that were 174 I think).

I am looking into buying my own skis (already have boots) and found a few decent deals. What are your opinions on the Atomic Metron M8, Atomic Izor 9.7, Fischer RX6 and Nordica SUV 10.1 models, all in sizes from 165-170?
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More info is needed. How tall are you / what do you weigh? Are you pretty strong -- i.e., do you stay in shape outside of ski season, or do you ski yourself into shape? What sort of terrain do you prefer? i.e., groomers, powder, blues, blacks? What didn't you like about your friend's K2's? Did you feel a need to turn faster then the ski wanted to on its own?
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5'11", 170 pounds, I am in good shape (play sports year-round, lift weights 4-5 times a week), I stuck mostly to groomers, I found the K2s hard to turn (noticeably harder than the rentals)
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Forgot to mention I ski mostly blues and blacks, live in Colorado and my level according to this website would be a level 6-7
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The only ski in your list that I have personal experience with is the RX6 which I feel an athletic person of your size would soon overpower/outgrow. Consider the RX8 from Fischer instead.
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Unless, like everyone else in Colorado, you are going to start venturing of the groomed. Even if not, the are advantages to a slightly wider ski in CO. Our snow is softer and after a fresh dump many of the resort do very little grooming so you will find yourself on runs that are normally groomed with several inches of fluff. I would look into something a bit wider than what you've mentioned. Something like the Salomon Tornado, the K2 Apache Stryker, the Dynastar Legend 4800
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