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But if Gonzo kept his mouth shut, where would all the hot air go?

I mean there would be a pressure build up, and when his head would explode, there'd be blue fur all over Montana.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
there'd be blue fur all over Montana<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Now thats an interesting proposition. After the explosion they could start a Milka cow farm.

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obnoxious status-conscious middle class folks pretending at wealth, cell phone regalia, furs and expensive clothes, and snotty superior attitudes are for pretenders and poseurs

Yeah! That's me! See, you CAN know someone by reading their posts!
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PLease speak only about Winter resorts in this topic
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You seem to be spending too much time in the bath with dead flowers. Maybe you need to open a window in your mind not your mouth.

NEWSFLASH: Opinions now can be incorrect. Ozzie says so. Henceforth all Oz-isms are doctrine, and anyone transgressing an Oz-ism will be first chastised, second drawn, third quartered, and fourth fed to the pigs.

I don't like resorts and the phoniness that goes with them. That's my preference. It's neither wrong nor false. If it bothers you, I'm sorry. May I suggest you try reading some William Gaddis to try to get your moral compass realigned to point at true North?
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dsd, I just bought some new skis, I like them very much and they will make great turns in any WINTERRESORT.

Do you want to what kind of skis they are?

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There is the Time to Go to Gudauri www.wintersport.ge
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