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Burton to make skis?

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That's the rumor I have heard. Anyone else?
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News to me, but it wouldn't shock me to see a Burton Freeride or Park ski. They have the "name" to do it. In todays and tomorrows competitve market gettign tighter and tighter, diversification is needed.
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I guess if Dynastar can put Roxy graphics on a Troublemaker and sell it for $300 more, Burton can easily make just as much based on name alone.
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speaking of snowboard companies making skis, i finally saw my first pair of LIB N.A.S (narrow a$$ snowboards) up close and personal at a shop here in the Bay Area.


the owner of the shop has them in his 3-ski quiver (which also consists of a pair of Explosivs and a pair of R:EX's). He said they rip and keep a good edge. The edge is the trippy part as it's wavy and what i think they call "magnatraction" or something like that. the owner said he took them down Baldy chute in Alta and they were great. I can't recall now what ski he rotated out and replaced with the NAS, but again, he said they were a pretty solid set of skis. he got me intrigued enough to want to try them and see how they compare to the Bros (they have similar dimensions, what with being 99 underfoot).
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Lib Tech is very cool. They relate to skiing. Burton always seemed anti-skiing to me. Is magnatraction like a serrated edge? Great until you need to sharpen...

I heard about the Burton skis. The devil ordered a big shipment and Burton is waiting for hell to freeze over before they begin production.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Lib Tech is very cool. They relate to skiing. Burton always seemed anti-skiing to me.
Me too. I suspect it is because I associate their name (and Nike's) with the "anti-discrimination" ad campaign for boarding at Taos/DV/MRG that felt like a huge cheapening of the civil rights struggle legacy.
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It would be surprising to me too as Burton has always had a "skiers are the enemy" mentality. In fact at one point some years ago they had a poster near the baggage claim area in the Burlington airport that said something to the effect that "skiing is dying" or some such.

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Seems a bit late in the game for Burton to start making skis. They should have been doing the whole twin tip thang back when Line was cooking stuff up.

I'm still intrigued by the LIB "skis".
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