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Quick Boot Question

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I'm going to be selling my X Wave 9.0s very soon, but I need to know if the liners and Sole brand footbeds I have are heat moldable more than once? I'm guessing they are, but I don't want to give the buyer the wrong information.

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When I got my Salomon Pro Model SC Spaceframe boots I was told to only bake the liners if absolutely necessary because they'll break down faster once that is done and they can only be baked once. That information is from a reliable source but still hearsay. I didn't need to bake mine to get a perfect fit and the bootfitter recommended against it based on the above information that he gave me.
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all the heating does if help the liner to pack out to a foot shape, do it again is no problem, but just skiing the boot is the best way to do it
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