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What happened to Picaboo ?

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The day the downhill was cancelled she had chosen the #2 bib.

The next day, she decides on #26 ? The actual downhill winner skied in the top 5.The course was still hard enough so she didn't get bounced around.

I think this was a tactile mistake. The snow [ rather the ice ] was softened and more rutted when Picaboo skied, and thus she got bounced around. Ture she didn't anticipate the delay of the start that day, but even if she would have kept her #2 bib and the race would have started on time, I think she would have had a good chance for a top 10 finish, if she had skied 2nd. Ok ...yes this is 20/20 hindsight...but I believe someone made a poor decision of what bib and start # to have.

Picaboo Street still remains a skiing legend, and continues to live life large.All the best to her in her new life's path.
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How does the assignment of starting numbers/bibs work in ski racing?
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I heard the starting time for the race was delayed by about two hours that day. Had it not been, the time she raced would have been about the time of day when the course was the fastest. Don't know if it is true.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Llama:
How does the assignment of starting numbers/bibs work in ski racing?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It can vary, but is something like this: The top 15 ranked competitors draw numbers (1-15). Whoever picks number 1 can choose to start anywhere from 1 to 30; whoever picks 2 can choose to start at any number left, etc. The next 15 ranked competitors will either draw numbers and go thru the same process, or sometimes just choose their start number in order of their rank. So if you're ranked in the second seed (16-30), as Picabo is, there might not be much of a choice.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wink:
The actual downhill winner skied in the top 5.

Actually, the bib numbers of the top ten finishers were:

Rank Bib
1 11
2 14
3 15
4 13
5 21
6 12
7 18
8 24
9 25
10 16
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Thanks Utah Jim.

Now please answer this: why, unless it is just the way the rules work, did the competitiors have to choose new bib numbers after the previous day's race was cancelled?
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The reason is that is in the FIS rules. That is so that the "fairness" to the top skiers is maintained. Say that one day the DH was icy and fast, but that there was a flat where it would be a little faster starting later in the day, the top skiers would pick late. Then if the race was postponed for some reason and it really snowed hard so that in the next days race it would be an advantage to start early, they would not have picked according to the expected conditions unless they got to do it again.
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After the women's downhill was postponed they did redraw as Norefjell has noted - I've both start lists if anyone wants a copy!

As to her skiing: she actually skied the top gliding sections, down JP and into Keyhole really well, she just wasn't able to hammer the steep turns down through Glacier Bowl and paid for it in lower speeds from there on out... I was up in Keyhole watching and we thought she looked great through there!

All in all, it's still pretty damn impressive she was able to make the Olympic team after what she had to go through.
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